Elderberry Syrup



Natalie of Counterpart Creations,

Back to my roots!

I spend most of my days at the Booch HQ or the restaurants, which usually leaves me with little time to make and do all of the things I want to do. When I say all I want to do is make, it’s the truth. I want to make all of the syrups and jams and tinctures and salves. I don’t know where it comes from, or what bit me early in life-but WOW, the urge to make it REAL!

I recently etched out some time to make up at batch of Elderberry Syrup. Cinnamon, Ginger, Elderberries and Raw Honey-simple, delicious, healthy…just my style.

Should I get labels made up? Should I get a fun looking Elderberry put on the label? As I wondered about these things and then some, I actually laughed out loud. OF COURSE NOT! I would need many more hours in a day, and if I keep making different things ( which is totally happening), I would actually need more weeks in a month. My natural way is to stamp or write it on tape or heck, paint it straight on if I need to. It’s the way it all started, and it’s my favorite way. Make the best I can make, and get it on the shelf.

Some have said I do things the hard way, but really I just do things my way-and I suggest it! Do what you want, and do it how you want to do it.

*Also available at The Canning House Grab N’ Go while supplies last!

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