Organic Large Egg Cartons

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CMC Food, Inc is the parent company of The Farmer's Hen brand of fresh shell eggs. CMC is a 2nd generation, family-owned, and operated company. They specialize in Free Range, Organic, and Pasture-Raised fresh shell eggs. The Farmer's Hen is focused on the sustainability of small, local family farming producing the highest quality and nutritious eggs available in the market. They never use hormones or antibiotics.

Certified Humane Raised and Handled and 100% cage-free. Birds are fed a completely organic non-GMO diet that is all vegetarian. In addition, these hens are antibiotic-free and have the ability to nest, perch, and dust bathes inside or out of their barn. Happy hens produce tastier eggs - these have a slightly darker colored yolk and less runny consistency. They taste delicious, rich, and farm-fresh.

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