Weight: 2 oz.


2 oz.

Pocono Organics is poised to be the largest Regenerative Organic Farm in North America, sprawling over 380 acres in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. Pocono Organics has partnered with Rodale Institute, the largest independent organic research station in the world and true pioneers and industry leaders in regenerative organic farming practices.

They have built more than 38,000 square feet of greenhouse growing space during our first phase of construction, and our greenhouses stand at 35 feet tall! Currently, Pocono Organics is a USDA Certified Organic Farm and soon will be Regenerative Organic Certified. Their efforts focus on the gold standards of regenerative, sustainable, and organic requirements.

Bitter, sweet, slightly soapy smelling and simply irresistible! The flavor is not soapy at all, but tastes like a combination of anise, orange and vibrant citrus. Cilantro simply opens up and unleashes its power when chopped (use the juicy stems too!) and thrown into beans, soups, or sprinkled over foods as a finishing flourish.

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