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Weve yet to meet a meat lover whos not instantly enamored by the charcuterie produced by Salumeria Biellese, a local salumeria established almost 100 years ago by the Biellese family. Their gift sampler offers a hard-not-to-break-open-immediately mix, featuring three varieties of their coarsely ground, made by hand, air dried/cured sausages: Spicy, Porcini, and Fennel. Each is packed into a sheep casing and weighs approximately 1 pound.

Included in their Gift Set

Napolitan Made by hand by Salumeria Biellese since 1925, this not-too-hard and not-too-soft coarse-ground, air dried, cured pork salami is medium hot, spiced by a blend of Mediterranean hot pepper and paprika that gives it a rich red color, Each piece is approximately 1 Lb

Pork, salt, wine, paprika, peppers, dextrose, brown sugar, sodium nitrite (sheep casing)

Salami con Porcini
Coarsely ground Berkshire shoulder, trimmed off the shoulder, mixed with Barbera wine and Porcini mushrooms after its seasoned, cured, and dried. Sold by the whole piece. Each Piece is approximately 1 Lb .

Pork salt, porcini mushroom, red wine, brown sugar, sodium nitrite (sheep casing)

This coarsely ground salame s seasoned with fennel seed and fennel pollen to add a delicate finish to the palate. Our recipe is inspired by the recipes from its birthplace in the heart of Tuscany.
Sold by the whole piece. Each Piece is approximately 1 Lb

Pork, salt, dextrose, pepper, fennel, sodium nitrite (sheep casing)

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